PBI update application

cR PBI - PBI AUTO REFRESH - Solution for Power BI scheduled refresh more than 8 times a day limit

Read before!!!

- This application is COMPLETELY FREE if you wish to update only 1 workbook at a time!
- Make sure you input the promo key 000111 and then press "Request verification"

However for the extra functionality of updating an unlimited number of workbooks, there is a small one time fee, for the effort of putting this together and making it available online.

- This application will refresh your Power BI reports and data sets more than 8 times a day, in fact, it will continually refresh it an unlimited number of times by re-publishing all your PowerBI reports to your Power BI online account. This will enable you to see up to date results with as little as 2 minutes delay (depending on the size of your report, and the speed of the machine running your reports).

- It will work with an unlimited number of workbooks, it will cycle trough all the available workbooks in the specified folder and will refresh/re-publish each of them an unlimited number of times

- In case of errors associated with the refresh process of your workbook, it will retry publishing until the workbook is successfully published.


- You have the option to just refresh the workbook, without making it available online.

--- Requirements for running the application successfully:

- The starting point of the application is pbiupdate.exe found in the download folder (it does not require instalation, nor contains any malitious codes and can be checked by any antivirus). It should be run as admininstrator in order to function properly. ( just use the run as admin option in windows, or use the Compatibility properties and select "Run this program as an administrator")

- Dedicated PC used only for this process, preferably virtual machine. This application uses UI automation ONLY! This means that the application HAS NO ACCESS TO YOUR DATA, or to any accounts. It does not receive, store, or has access to any files on your machine (except for the folder containing your workbooks)

Due to the fact that UI automation is used:

- The PC/VM on which it is running must always have an active session, (a user must be logged in to maintain the Windows UI active) otherwise IT WILL NOT WORK.

- Specifically for VIRTUAL MACHINE users – Minimizing the Remote Desktop window will turn off Windows UI system, which will prevent UI actions, for this reason you should start the application, and when you want to just let it work on itself, close your session by using the provided button on the application, so as not to interfere with the UI. The button called “Disconnect session” has been built into the application, which will allow you to close your session with the VM without actually logging off (in order to keep the screen active). So instead of just closing the Remote Desktop window, click the button, and it will close the window without closing the session.

- Do not use this computer or VM for any other tasks that involve moving the mouse or using the keyboard, otherwise the UI automation feature will fail.

- Various application pop-ups of windows notifications that appear on screen, might prevent the application from running correctly. (windows restart notifications, power_Bi not logged in, etc.)

It is free if you wish to update only one workbook at a time.

It costs less than a day of work, and it will save you!!

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